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  • Jenny Davis

Pet Portrait - Aussie Mix

Portrait of Zoe, 12"x10"

Zoe is a beautiful, spirited Aussie mix I met at the dog park. I fell in love with her markings and her fluff. I challenged myself with this portrait to be a little looser, to realistically capture her without agonizing too much over details (even though agonizing over details is what I do!). When I chose the reference photo, I was focused on the backlighting illuminating her whispers, and the sheen on her nose. What I didn't pay attention to was how hard it would be to paint her fluffy ears and retain the wisps of long hair sprouting there. But I think I managed it well and I'm really happy with the result.

If you're interested in a pet portrait like Zoe's, I have a few more spots open on my wait list for 2024-2025 - you can reach me at jennydavispaints at gmail dot com.

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